Top 10 Best SEO Agencies in New York, USA

Do you want to outgrow your business and search for the best SEO agency in New York? No worries, we have compiled ten professional SEO companies, giving the best SEO services. Moreover, if you have just started a brand or are the owner of a small business and want to rank your website, these are the best SEO companies for small businesses. An SEO agency is the one that optimizes the websites and drives traffic from search engines to the website. It helps generate leads and retain loyal customers. But, before moving ahead, there is a need to understand how to recognize the top SEO agencies working best in their expertise. Search engine optimization is one of the most widely used digital marketing strategies due to its low cost and long-term benefits. However, it is an organic way to boost the traffic on websites. It provides a bid return on investment (ROI) and long-term results. Therefore, every business is trying to pursue an SEO agency for their website optimization. But, the search for the best SEO agency is another struggle. Many digital marketing companies provide the best SEO services, but the real battle is to identify which one will give the best results. 

How to choose the best SEO agency?

A professional SEO company is one giving vast long-term benefits in a short period. However, every digital marketing agency has a team of professionals, including SEO experts. Therefore, it requires complete guidelines to choose the best SEO agency. Here are some guidelines to follow while selecting a professional SEO agency for website optimization.
  1. Search the best SEO agencies on the internet

One should not hire the agency while just hearing from someone and consulting that particular one. Choosing a good-performing SEO agency is also a tricky game. It needs to be deeply analyzed. So, the first and easiest step to choose is to search on the internet. The Internet is full of lists compiling the best SEO agencies according to the location or worldwide. Pick almost five lists of the best SEO agencies, then select the ones repeatedly shown in every file. For instance, if Direct2Success shows in 3 lists, so choose it.
  1. Analyze and create your list of the top 5 SEO agencies

Once you make the list of repeatedly showing SEO agencies, the next step is to analyze these SEO agencies. It is investigated by seeing their reviews. You should pick the ones with a five-star rating and the maximum number of reviews. Visit their websites, particularly the home page, and the about us page to analyze how they have presented themselves. Moreover, the testimonials are the best SEO agencies showing previous works and achievements. A good SEO agency must have 100 testimonials showing on their page. The SEO companies having fewer testimonials might be new to the market and are polishing their skills.
  1. Communicate with the top 5 best working SEO companies

After analyzing these top 5 professional SEO agencies, communicate with them. Ask them hard-hitting questions. Ask them how much time it will take to rank the website. How much does it cost? How long does it take to show outcomes, and what tools do they use? What are their strategies to rank the website? How much experience do they have? How do they define “success” in SEO terms?
  1. Meet these agencies in-person

Try to meet them personally. It increases to build of trust in a particular website. Meet its SEO experts. Discuss your project with them and ask what strategies they will use to optimize the website.
  1. Choose the best professional SEO company

Now is the time for a final decision. Pursue the best SEO agency you are most satisfied choosing. Moreover, the SEO agencies’ rankings are based on location. These are ranked according to the regions, states, countries, and cities. Here we are compiling the best 10 SEO agencies in New York.

Best 10 SEO agencies in New York

The ten top professional SEO agencies in New York are;
  1. SmartSites
  2. WebFX
  3. Search Berg
  4. Delante
  5. SEO Brand
  6. Sure Oak
  7. Social SEO
  8. Neon Ambition
  9. Knock Knock Digital
  10. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
Let’s get into their specifications which make them unique, trustworthy, and highly professional.


SmartSites is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Paramus, New Jersey, United States. It is founded by the two brothers Alex and Michael Melen in 2011 with a passion to drive the vision of the digital workplace stronger and more successful. Their main aim is to satisfy their clients with the work done which is above and beyond their expectations. With this passionate struggle and hardwork, they attain a huge achievement of 100+ 5-start reviews. Hence, it drives the company to pave the way to success even faster. Therefore, Now it is recognized as one of the top 10 best SEO agencies. It is the top-rated and No#1 digital marketing agency. It offers the best professional SEO, PPC, CRO, and Web design services. But, Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click are the most valued services offered by this agency. The minimum  Project size of SmartSites is around $1,000+, and its average hourly rate is about $100-149. Moreover, they have a team of 10-49 employees who are all proficient in their knowledge and skills. They provide exceptional and highly recommendable solutions to their problems, making them one of the fastest growing SEO service-providing agencies in the United States.


It is the most trusted and proven digital marketing agency founded in 1995 in New York. It is a top-rated SEO agency and a gold verified. It has worked with many famous companies like Google, Facebook, and Salesforce, and is awarded partner distinctions as well. WebFX provides an unrivaled combination of knowledgeable staff and MarketingCloudFX and it is a results-accelerating platform. MarketingCloudFX is designed to provide market intelligence and critical insights to get the most out of your marketing initiatives. It is made possible by cutting-edge technology such as IBM Watson and Google Tensor Flow. It primarily offers SEO, advertising, and content marketing services. However, the focus on SEO is around 70%. Its minimal budget is $1,000+, and an average hourly rate is around $100-149. The most important driving force of this agency is that it has a huge network of professional staff. The number of employees is around 250-999. They serve the customers with their knowledge and experienced workings.

Search Berg

Search Berg is another award-winning best SEO agency in New York. It was founded on Feb 20, 2009 (Crunchbase), 2005(clutch). It is a goal-oriented company, and a top-rated digital marketing agency providing the best SEO services in New York. It won the 2017 customer choice award for best SEO. The main aim of Search Berg is to boost the website’s growth by generating leads and driving traffic to the website. Furthermore, it helps to outgrow the businesses. It is the best agency providing SEO, PPC, content marketing, design and development, social media services, and reputation management. However, SEO and Web design are their most valued and famous services. It has a minimum project size of $1,000 and the average hourly rate is around $25-$49. Moreover, the professional staff is very knowledgeable and acquainted. They customized the services to their clients according to their satisfaction. Therefore, it is moving towards growth successfully.


Delante is founded in 2014 by Michal, Jacek, and Mateusz. These founding members of Delante are experts in developing the largest IT e-commerce, growth hacker, and entrepreneur. They perceived that there is no other company best understanding the clients and fulfilling their requirements. Customer satisfaction is their major priority. Therefore, it ranked among the best SEO agencies in New York in such a small period. It is internationally Nominated for European Search Awards 2022 It provides SEO, PPC, and digital marketing services. They have the best SEO services to increase traffic and generate leads on websites. However, its minimal budget is around $1,000-10,000, and the average hourly rate is about $90. It has a large team of 50-90 professionals. They are the best service providers which rapidly helps recognize the company.

SEO Brand

SEO brand is an award-winning digital marketing agency. It was founded in 2006 by Mike Salvagio. It does not offer long-term projects but adores working for small brands. The main aim of the company is to identify, understand, and beneficially evaluate the customers’ problems. Therefore, it is swiftly growing in the SEO optimization area. Moreover, it is among the top 10 SEO agencies in New York. It offers digital marketing, Custom development, and graphic design & branding. However, it delivers an 80% focus on SEO, and 100% PPC. It has a minimal budget of $1,000, and an average hourly rate of $100-149. It has a professional team of 10-49 members. Their understanding of the customers’ queries and problems makes their company grow.

Sure Oak

Sure Oak is the globally recognized, top-rated SEO agency in Brooklyn, New York. It is an award-winning agency founded in 2017. Moreover, it is a 5-star rated agency. It follows its vision of 5 core values which are; be awesome, maximize your opportunities, always be the first to give, seek to improve everything and be curious, explore often. However, its major priority is to work hard and give the best services to the clients. The services it offers are SEO, link building, and content. But, SEO is the most valued one with a 70% focus on it. It has a minimal budget of $1,000, and an average hourly rate of $100-149. It has a team of 10-49 professionals best using their expertise. They truly follow their 5 visions and reach an exceptional limit. However, the path to success passes through client satisfaction and priority.

Social SEO

Social SEO is the no#1 digital marketing agency in New York. It is a 5-star-rated agency founded in 1996. It is the best working digital agency. Moreover, it is a gold verified SEO agency. It has a partnership with Google Premiers. In addition to this, Nationally Recognized Dave Ramsey endorsed it. The major goal of this agency is to make tangible results for businesses. It is a company offering SEO, SEM, PPC, social media management, and video production services. But, it focuses more on SEO services which are about 65%. It has a minimal budget of $1,000, and an average hourly rate of $100-149. Moreover, the employee team is very professional and enthusiastic. There are about 50-249 members. Their major aims are to ensure customer satisfaction.

Neon Ambition

It is an inbound marketing agency, that aims to achieve growth for companies. It is founded in 2013 in New York. It has the target to grow the businesses through the lead generation strategies executed by a team of senior specialists. The concern for the customers made the company worth rated. However, it is among the top-rated companies and rapidly growing companies. It offers SEO, advertising & marketing, Web design, and business services. The most valued service is SEO and the focus on it is about 50% and 65% focus on PPC service. However, the minimal budget is about $1000 and the average hourly rate is $100-149. Moreover, it has a professional team of 10-49 members putting their expertise to work with different industries as they thought that Google does not have algorithms for multiple different industries.

Knock Knock Digital

It is a digital marketing agency founded in 2020. It is a 5-star rated industry focusing on opting for digital marketing strategies to rank the businesses in such a competitive environment. They take responsibility to make the websites organically ranked. It is the fastest growing best SEO service providing agency in New York. It offers Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click, and social media marketing services. The main focus is on SEO which is about 70%. However, its minimal budget is $1,000+, and an average hourly rate is about $50-99. Moreover, it has a team of about 2-9 professionals using legal, and white-hat marketing strategies to adopt for the business’s growth.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

It is the best SEO agency founded in 2005. It is among the top-rated SEO service-providing agencies. It is an agency helping customers rank their websites. They promise their clients to provide award-winning expertise, integrity & transparency, and focus on clients’ delight. However, it is founded with the passion to flourish the clients’ businesses in such a strong competitive global market. However, it helps its clients by providing SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. It mostly focuses on providing the best SEO services and it is about 70%. Moreover, the minimum budget of Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is about $1,000, and the average hourly rate is about $100-149. It has 10-49 professional employees showing their expertise and boosting the business’s growth.


Nowadays, there is strong global competition that restricts small businesses to grow. Thus, the companies look for SEO agencies. Good SEO strategies drive the traffic from search engines to the website and generate leads. But, the process of searching and choosing the best SEO agency is another big deal to solve which requires a complete analysis. Therefore, there is a list of the 10 best SEO agencies in New York to help the customers choose the best.