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Having a powerful product listing is important. But this isn’t just a one-time investment. Our expert Amazon copywriters understand how keyword placement impacts ranking in organic search results. They follow Product Listing Best Practice as an essential component of a comprehensive SEO strategy. Our experts optimize your product listings so that you can:

  • Increase visibility
  • Boost conversions
  • Grow profits

With in-depth product, market, and keyword research, our expert copywriters reach the mind of your customers. Then, they intelligently unite sales-producing language with the most appropriate keywords for your product as a vital part of their Amazon Listing Optimization services. Our demonstrated strategy maximizes your listing’s visibility in search results and boosts the on-page conversion rate.

The Right Way to Optimize Your Amazon Products Listing!

Amazon Product listing is a combination of the most relevant keywords targeting human language and Amazon SEO that apprises and converts Amazon buyers. We believe you are well-informed and competent enough to write a seemly copy, but a seemly copy may not work in Amazon – today’s ultra-competitive market. The experience and skill of our expert copywriters at Direct2success Inc. can save your time and enable you to employ an industry-leading product listing, which is required for getting ahead of the rival(s).

Five Pillars of Amazon Listing Optimization

It is of great significance to keep your listing optimized to boost sales and sustain growth. There are five pillars to every product listing that are important to understand as an Amazon seller. These are:

  1. Product Title: Highlighting key element in the title that differentiates you from others, including your target words.
  2. Product Images: Adding images and videos at all possible spaces showing the lifestyle images, the product in use, product packaging, and using infographics to convey the scale of the products.
  3. Key Product Features: Focusing on applications of the product, including any guarantee, the product’s fundamental value proposition and explaining why the buyer should choose your product.
  4. Product Listing Description: Discussing the key features and benefits to the customer by keeping it relatable, including your target keywords, highlighting the product’s value, and choosing the best text formatting for your description.
  5. Amazon Product Reviews: Running automated email campaigns to keep customers informed and encourages them to provide seller feedback and product reviews.

Our expert Amazon copywriters know the importance of these key mainstays of any product listing and strategize their Amazon Listing Optimization services accordingly.

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