Website Audit Services

Website Audit Services Results


  • 244% Increase in organic site traffic
  • 245% Increase in total site traffic
  • 375% Increase in leads


  • 269% Increase in organic site traffic
  • 27% Increase in total site traffic
  • 13% Increase in time on site


  • 222% Increase in total site traffic
  • 47% Increase in organic site traffic
  • 2700% Increase in leads

Why Choose Direct2Success for Website Audit Services

Proven Local SEO Strategies

Proven Website Audit Services

Our proven SEO solutions get your website ranked well on Google.

5-Star Reviews

5-Star Reviews

Our past achievements in Ecommerce SEO prove that we can walk the talk.

A Hands-Off Approach

A Hands-Off Approach

Our valued clients sit back and relax while we work hard to get them the results that they desire.

How Direct2Success Performs Website Audit

Uncover Your Website’s Flaws, Identify Problems and Overhaul Your Website’s Performance with Audit Services!

Our Website Audit service offered by Direct2success INC gives an in depth website analysis experience. We will provide you with a full report of the health of your website and give you suggestions that can be helpful for improvement of your online presence. Website Audit is the first step we take with any of our SEO services that we offer and is critical for getting a look at how well your website is doing from a technical and search perspective. Our consultants search for issues manually, both on-site and off-site. They can discover issues that can hinder your website to perform well in the search engines and help you with suggestions on how to rectify these issues.

To throw the competition out of the water you must have a fully functional, optimized website with continuous user experience across certain top devices and web browsers. Our committed consultants assist your brand with the years of search engine optimization experience and technical expertise so you can find all inefficiencies of your site, which are hampering your marketing engine.

We, not only analyse your site and provide data on your website’s performance, but we also provide strategic recommendations to get your site running at full stream. Once you make adjustments in your site, your position in the digital marketplace is immediately enhanced.

Each tailored audit is provided to you with your future goals in mind.

Our dedicated consultants use leading analysis tools including Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush and more to draw together actionable reports. Depending upon your needs and your audit depth, our analysis may provide you with the:

Overview Report: Overview report comprises of the list of high-level errors, issues with your site and potential penalties you may be facing.

Error Report: The Jump into the every error that is affecting your site and its severity. These issues commonly include 404 errors, copied content warnings, poorly designed XML sitemaps and a several other SEO red flags.

Significance Scorecard: It is a ranking system that is helpful in highlighting the most immediate problems you need to address as well as the less-damaging factors impacting your site. Scorecards enable you to envision and assess the extent to which you may have to arrange your resources to resolve errors.

Complete Audit Analysis: A document formatted professionally as a PDF and copyrighted with your company’s strategies. This document analyses every problem that appeared on your site during website audit. It also puts forward recommendations and provides a full summary statement from your consultant. Along with getting the accurate numbers of your audit, you get a more tailored, targeted solution to your problems.

Competition Analysis: A competition analysis includes up to five competitors of your choice. Our consultants review the organic, paid, social and backlinking strategies of your competitors so you’re able to better position yourself throughout your marketing networks.

Learn how to turn your sites’ other problems into your profit. We can gauge this competition analysis to include as many organizations as you desire, as at Direct2success INC, we know there’s no end to current and future competition.

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